Robert B. Tate, BSc, MSc, PhD
    Study Director

Bob has been with the Manitoba Follow-up Study since 1975, serving as the "statistical heart" of the study. Shortly after completing his PhD program in Community Health Sciences (which involved thesis work on MFUS), Bob became director of the study. Over the years with Dr. Mathewson and other colleagues, Bob has co-authored over forty peer-reviewed publications describing results from MFUS.

Christina Lengyel, PhD, RD

Dr. Lengyel is an Associate Professor and dietitian in the University of Manitoba's Department of Human Nutritional Sciences and a research affiliate in the University's Centre on Aging. She has been with MFUS since 2005 investigating dietary patterns and the elderly.

Phil St. John, MD, MPH, FRPCP

Dr. St. John is a practicing geriatrician and Head, Section of Geriatrics, Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He has been with MFUS since 2012, with research interests in quality of life, successful aging, and frailty.

Audrey Swift, PhD
   Research Associate

Dr. Swift is a Research Associate at MFUS. Her research interest is in "seeing the bright side" (a type of perceived control), as it relates to physical and psychological well-being in the context of successful aging. She completed her Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Psychology, Community Health Sciences, and Nursing in February 2011.


Dennis Bayomi, MSc
    Data/Research Analyst

Dennis assists with statistical analyses and maintains the study's databases and associated software. He also developed and maintains the MFUS website. Dennis has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and completed his Master's degree in Community Health Sciences in the summer of 2006.

Victoria Kubas, BScHE
    Office Assistant

Victoria processes incoming surveys, enters clinical data, prepares letters to hospitals and physicians, and helps with coding of questionnaires. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Human Nutritional Sciences from the Faculty of Human Ecology at the University of Manitoba.

Christie MacDonald, MD
    Coding/Consultant Physician

Dr. MacDonald assists with coding clinical conditions from patient charts.


Ruth Barclay, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Dept Physical Therapy, School of Medical Rehabilitation

Research interests: Stroke rehabilitation, quality of life, response shift.

Depeng Jiang, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Dept Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Research interests: Biostatistics, longitudinal analysis.

Julia Uhanova, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Dept Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

Research interests: Liver disease, Metabolic Syndrome.


MFUS Staff, November 2012:
    (Back L-R) Dr. Christina Lengyel, Dennis Bayomi, Dr. Audrey Swift, Vicky Kubas.
    (Front L-R) Madge Biddell, Dr. Bob Tate, Dr. Ted Cuddy.

MFUS Staff, Summer 2009:
    (Back L-R) Barb Masterman, Dr. Ted Cuddy, Dr. Christina Lengyel, Madge Biddell.
    (Front L-R) Dr. Leon Michaels, Dr. Bob Tate, Dennis Bayomi.